About Katherina

Katherina Sadovnik has over 20 years of experience as a cosmetologist and instructor of cosmetology. She was born in Colombia, where she began to develop a strong passion for cosmetology at the age of 7. When she immigrated to Israel alone as a teenager, she used what little money she had to study as much as she could in the cosmetology field. 

Katherina has since become known as Tel Aviv’s most renowned skin care expert, and is the founder and owner of her namesake clinic in central Tel Aviv.

Katherina prides herself on changing the lives of patients who were previously in great distress due to troubled skin. From teenagers to adults, Katherina’s clients often come to her after they have tried a range of treatments, and wasted valuable time and money with little results. Katherina examines each case individually and custom builds a treatment plan for each patient. Her clients frequently begin to see results after just one treatment, and are known to rave about Katherina’s “magic hands” and their life-changing results. It is deeply personally important to Katherina that she finds a solution to each of her clients’ issues.

Katherina’s impact continues to grow via the success of the cosmetologists she teaches, as well as through her exclusive line of products, that enable clients to improve their skin on their own and between visits to Katherina’s clinic.